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Fragile Sanctuary by Catherine Cowles ARC Review

Fragile Sanctuary by Catherine Cowles ARC Review


I would give this book a perfect 10, but I refuse to give it less than a solid TWELVE!!!!! It’s so damn good! I love all of Catherine’s books, but this one was so phenomenal, and right out of the gate for the series!

Anson Hunt is the perfect grumpy MC. Former FBI profiler, protective while trying to keep his distance, and brother’s best friend mixed with a dash of broken hero. He’s always watching and assessing, which adds to his major appeal.

Rhodes is a FMC you can’t help but fall in love with. Her traumatic past is enough to make your heart absolutely ache for her, but throughout her journey she is still herself in so many ways. Her ability to be strong and try m, even when she knows how difficult things will be, is so admirable. Plus, her relationship with Biscuit is so endearing. I love her sass and her quip, but also her relationship with her found family.

Catherine always does a phenomenal job with creating side character we all want to know more about, but Lolly may be my favorite one yet! She is the perfect hot mess. I adore all of the characters in Rhodes’ found family, but Lolly is just such a good time. All of the siblings have very distinct and special backstories, but their loyalty and banter with one another leaves you wanting to know so much more about their pasts and their futures.

The mystery aspects of Catherine’s books always has me guessing. My best advice while reading is: suspect EVERYONE!

Sparrow Falls is definitely a place I plan to be in for a long time. A huge thank you to Catherine and her team for the Arc of this phenomenal story.

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