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Small Business Saturday- Bookish Artist Edition

Small Business Saturday- Bookish Artist Edition

I absolutely loved the switch-up for my #smallbusinesssaturday post to have more of a theme. Last week it was bookish merch subs that didn’t have books in them, and this week I wanted to highlight SOME of the truly talented artists in our awesome book community! There are so many more that are sweet friends of mine, but I really wanted to keep it down to 6 this week.
Art just brings me so much joy. I often get very overly emotional with art, so of course I want to share it with as many people as possible.
In no particular order of favorites:
@cebanart is a freelance artist and one of my dearest loves!!! I have commissioned her in the past for my #booksiren piece, and it will always be one of my favorites, thanks to her! Meri does cheeky so well when it comes to her art, but she also creates such stunning pieces, that it’s hard to imagine someone having so much talent!

Artwork by @cebanart on IG
I treasure @artbysteffani so dearly! I call her the @michelangelo of our time. Plus, she always leaves me completely stunned with her nakey art, because of her level of artistic abilities and taste. Speechless is what her art makes me. So I will always treasure the piece I commissioned from her for myself! Art makes me emotional, but Steff tends to rip that emotion straight from my chest.

Artwork by @artbysteffani on IG is such a gem! Not just because she did the most fantastic job on the Hades and Persephone pieces I commissioned her for but because she is just the loveliest human. Her characters always perfectly portray their personalities in her works. When you see it, you know who it is without ever even going to the caption. She just has such a cool style! She also has some of the most fun kinky art I have ever seen. Check out her Patreon Clutch Your Pearls for some awesome NSFW content.  

Artwork by on IG

@mageonduty just makes me swoon. Ellie is just the sweetest human and so insanely talented. I am in complete awe of every piece she puts out! You know how you can tell when people create art but haven’t read the book? That is definitely NOT Ellie! You feel like you are in the exact scene in the book more than you could even imagine yourself when you look at her pieces. Her passion for the books she covers is 1,000% seen in her art!

 Artwork by @mageonduty on IG

My sweet Eva with @tevienseart ! Oh, how I adore her! I commissioned her for my Bookdragon that I use in my second logo, and she just completely knocked it out of the park. The finished piece was everything I wanted and more!  She has a way of knowing what you want even when you don’t know yourself. I love her art style so much, and she is truly such a joy to work with and watch grow!
Artwork by @tevienseart on IG

I would be remised if I left out one of my absolute faves @lettersbylila_ ! She doesn’t just do handlettering, she also does all of the stunning elements that make her pieces absolutely breathtaking. Her #bookcoverart are some of my favorites ever! Like, I need the book if she designed the cover!  The details in all of the elements she includes in her pieces is what makes her art so unique. It also doesn’t hurt that she is an absolute doll of a human!

Artwork by @lettersbylila_  on IG
I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, and I hate I wasn’t able to share every one of the amazing artists in our community, but I will be sharing more in months to come for sure because art is life! #artist #bookishart #bookart #fanart#supportsmallbusinesses #bookshelf #fantasyreader#artcommunity #bookdragon #bookworm #library#librarygoals #bookmerch

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